Everything You Need To Know About Pitch Decks


In this blog we will be discussing what a pitch deck is and how it can support business to grow.

Firstly, a pitch deck is also known as a start up pitch deck or a slide deck. It contains a small but brief overview of what your pitch deck needs, for example products and services. Therefore it is important that your pitch deck stands to investors and business.

What Is Included In A Pitch Deck?

How To Start A Pitch Deck In 11 steps?

  • Problem
  • Solution
  • Product
  • Market size
  • Business model
  • Underlying magic
  • Competition
  • Better, different
  • Marketing plan
  • Team
  • Traction/milestone

  Why Are Pitch Decks Important For NGO’S?

Pitch Deck VS NGO’S

Firstly, we will go into detail about why pitch decks are important for NGO’S. Just like proposals are an essential tool to convince donors to support your organization, in all fairness developing a pitch is an equally important used by start-ups to raise funds.   We may all be aware of how it can be quite daunting to prepare for a donor presentation for many NGO’S they lack the key skills to develop a perfect pitch. It is important to take into consideration that a pitch deck that stands out and attracts more clients and business will have a better chance of success and good rating.

Above all, in this amazing blog it brings you everything you need to be aware of developing a pitch deck for your projects and approaching potential donors to fund projects. The following three sections will guide you to developing an outstanding pitch deck. If you would like more information ,please do not hesitate to go on the website 

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  • What is a pitch deck?
  • Steps of developing a pitch deck
  • Do’s and Don’ts’s while preparing the pitch deck

NGO Competition And Markets For Charitable  Donations

The website states that competition for donations between development NGO good for welfare .Therefore, We will address this question in a dominant competition model. This is defined by the non-distribution constraint- compete for donations from donors by exerting fundraising effort. If the market size is fixed, this means the number of NGOS is usually larger that the optical numbers. However, if the market size is endogenous and both NGO’S both compete and co-operate in attracting new donors.

Moreover, if you would like more information on NGO competition. Please follow this link

NGO Competition and Markets for Charitable Donations. CEPR Discussion Paper No. 6350 — the Research Portal – University of Namur (unamur.be)

How Many Slides Should Your Pitch Deck Have?

The Importance Of Slides for Pitch Decks

Experts suggest that the ideal length of a pitch deck should not go over 20 slides. Also, the total time for the presentation must not exceed 20 minutes. However, it depends on the structure of you pitch, so it may vary.

Before, we get started of preparing the pitch. Let us try to understand the main purpose for what a pitch deck may be needed for some of the most important parts of a pitch deck is:

  • To highlight you organization
  • To enhance awareness about your organization
  • Discuss a new project idea that needs financial support
  • Introduce your organization to a new donor

It is important to understand that we are always on the lookout for fresh funds, investment exposure or new partnerships. The only document that can make or break the ideal is the pitch deck.

Moreover, while discussing the steps mentioned above, we will now dive into the entire process into four main steps.

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  • Preparation
  • Content creation
  • Designing
  • Finalising

Know you audience. Remember the key here is to know who your audience is. For example

  • Philanthropic donors
  • Corporate donors
  • Religious organizations

In addition, The structure of your pitch will clearly depend on the likes and dislikes and requirements of your potential donor Similarly the following questions need to be answered:

  • The problems they (donors) care about
  • What are the goals of the foundation?
  • Their process for allocating funds or resources
  • Basic demographic of their operations

What Are The problems You Solve?

How To Develop Your Pitch Deck

In this paragraph we will be discussing the major challenges that an organization solves. It is important to highlight the key facts that strengthen your argument, which makes the audience believe in your cause Using facts also helps you to build trust from your audience as they see you as a well informed and serious individual. The main purpose of the slide is to solve the real issue.

What Is The Solution

Once you have mentioned about the problem and how it affects the local community, you should describe your project ideas. Remember it is always important to mention any problems, so that everything is all well and good.

In Conclusion, we have clearly outlined many ways about we need to know about pitch decks. For example, competitors, how many slides a pitch deck must have and problems to solve in a presentation. Sometimes a blog can’t always be perfect, however with the right market strategy and size we can achieve and prosper. Remember our aim is to stand out from other business, so let’s make a great first impression.

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