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B&F Services is excited to bring you a Pitch Deck Creator. Pitch Deck app is the only mobile application to easily and quickly create compelling pitch decks and investor decks to support your funding journey. Download our app to start building your pitch deck.

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how it works

How it works

Whether you’re presenting a new idea, product or business, you’ve to give your audience the gist of what you have to offer in a well structured elevator style pitch. Thus, we put our years of experience in business consultation and business planning to use and developed a mobile application for entrepreneurs to make the pitch deck creation process quick, smooth and painless. Our application will help you make professional pitch decks in no time that will win over your audience and bring results.

Why you need a pitch deck?

Why you need a pitch deck?

Presenting a pitch in a compelling way to investors can be daunting challenge. A badly designed presentation reflects poorly on your idea, product or start-up. Even worse, it can send out negative signals to potential investors and costs your funding. Fortunately, we solved that problem. Pitch Deck app helps you create funding decks that will get you noticed, quickly and easily.

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Why using our app?

Why using our app?

No Skills

Do you find yourself struggling to design power point presentations? With its automated design capability, Pitch Deck app takes away all the burden of manually designing presentations. So even if you don't have any real computer skills, you can create and design phenomenal presentation. All you have to do is to answer a couple of questions and upload some picture, within a few minutes your pitches will automatically come to life.

Go Mobile

Did you know 65% of users open PDF files on their mobile devices? That’s why we reimagined what a traditional pitch deck looked like and created a more modern way in line with latest market trends. Thanks to our clean and mobile optimised templates your pitch deck will deliver just the right level of detail to your audience and engage readers at the first glance; even on a small screen of tablets and smartphones your content will be a hit.

Save Time

Pitch Deck app eliminates manual work and automatically map your content with the most appropriate slides saving you both time and effort. Depending on your idea, Pitch Deck app offers you ready-made slide blocks in the best way possible so that investors can easily understand your solution. Simply choose your desired blocks, complete the questionnaire, upload images and submit your information. Within just a few minutes your pitch deck is ready!

Share Easily

Pitch Deck app enables you to share your presentation as an individual link via email or a messenger and you can simply send it directly to your clients, investors and endorsement bodies. They’ll be able to open it in any browser on any device instantly and read it on the go thanks to our G Suits integration. Just send the link and never worry about bulky attachments, slow Internet connection, or whether your addressee can open the file on their smartphone.

What’s more? Free Access to :

Pitch deck consultation with our experts

Collection of business planning articles & resources

Directory of investors, funders & professional service providers

Professional Funding Pitch Deck Services

Professional Funding Pitch Deck Services

If you need more professional help with your fundraising campaigns, we also provide premium funding pitch deck services based on our own experience raising funds. Our team of experienced business developers are specialised in designing pitch decks that catch the attention of investors. Beyond exclusive assistance with the deck itself, our consultation team is happy to offer opinions and advice on your fundraising strategy and how you approach investors.

Features Pitch Deck App Professional Funding Pitch Decks
Suitable for Showcasing your ideas/business Fundraising over £25k
Strategy Onboarding Call
Tailor-made Designing
Market Research
Competitor Analysis
Financial ModellingAdd-on
Delivery DurationInstant1-2 weeks
PriceStarting £9.99 per deckStarting £299
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About Us

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For 16+ years we have been supporting UK and overseas entrepreneurs, building scalable companies by providing consulting and expert advice, tailored mentoring sessions, workshops, webinars and support in areas such as accelerator programmes, business development, concept verification, market research, funding, technology, finance & accounting and marketing. We are proud to announce that 96% of our business plans secured funding for our clients and we are aiming to raise that success rate to 100%.

In Summary:

650 +

Entrepreneur Visa Business Plans

3000 +

Completed Funding Business Plans

£55m +

Raised Funds

3200 +

Established businesses

Need a help of an expert?

If you struggle with a market research and product overview, visit our consulting website and speak to expert to create a comprehensive business plan or tailor made pitch deck for your business.

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