What is a pitch deck?

A pitch deck is also known as a start-up business or an investor pitch.  This means  it is easier to learn and understand what the reality of the business is. A pitch deck is also used as a presentation that provides a brief, but informative overview of your business.

Furthermore, it is important that it covers they key elements of what our business plan and what its needs are, for example products, services.

In this blog we will explain what is included in a pitch deck

The 7 core values of pitch decks

  • Vision and Value Proportion 
  • The Problem
  • Target Market and Opportunity
  • Solution
  • Revenue Model, Business Model
  • Traction and Validation
  • Marketing and Sales strategy

Moreover, a pitch deck must be brief and straight to the point. This is because it is for other businesses to  understand right away what our business plan is about   .It is also important to know that a reader should not take more than 3 minutes to read the introduction. We want investors to invest, right? so that means nice and sweet.


Advantages Of Pitch Decks

Pitch decks are designed to help companies pitch for an idea, or a product. This is significantly useful because we are trying to gather more investments or gain new partners. This implies that pitch decks are important for many businesses and can help change the future for  business and clients.

In addition, Pitch Decks are at the very heart of the business. Not only do we need to pitch ideas, but every business can use it to showcase their team, present a problem or even offer a solution. The best part is that people can give feedback on their pitch decks, which helps them move forward and think of great ideas for next time.

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What Is A Competitive Pitch Deck?

A competitive pitch deck is important to be aware of . This is because we should first take into consideration the core value proposition for the customer. The business must demonstrate what the value receives from our products and services. A fact is that a competitive advantage will give us a 30% increase in revenue or decrease in cost. We will now bullet point the list of the competitive advantage:

  • Recurring revenue
  • Network effects
  • Channel access
  • Platform based solution

Pitch Deck Slide Revenue Model Ppt Inspiration | Presentation PowerPoint Images | Example of PPT Presentation | PPT Slide Layouts


What Is Pitch Deck Financials?

Firstly, I will begin to touch on the topic of pitch deck financials and why we need them.

Pitch Deck financials is the main slide where investors spend most of the time looking over. It is important to note that, the specific slide should contain the company’s projected growth over the next three to five year. 

Furthermore, Pitch deck financials  are  an essential part of any presentation. This is where investors  spend most of the time looking at. It is important to take into consideration, the specific   slide should contain  the companies projected growth  over the next three to five years.     

  1.  The Pitch
  2. Due Diligence 
  3. Monthly/Quarterly 


The purpose of your pitch deck

 Firstly, I will be discussing the necessary factors, why we need pitch decks in business today.

Pitch Decks have one main goal , which is the investors attention. As a result ,  we would not expect to get funded right away. At this stage it should give you some idea of what to do and what you should avoid at all costs. This means  a 200 slide  presentation with in-depth financial analysis  prepared is the wrong way to make a pitch deck.

Above all , there are some great pitch decks which answer the key questions:

  • What’s the problem?
  • How do we solve it?
  • What does the market look like?
  • Why now ?
  • Who are the people behind the project?
  • What do we expect from financials’?
  • What we ask you to do next ?
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The section on financials  will only take up 1 -2 slides  , therefore  it is  crucial to get it right. It clearly demonstrates that you have done your homework and you understand what type of data  investors look for when making decisions.

How to talk financials – when you have and when you don’t

In This paragraph I will layout the fundamentals of pitch deck financials.  It is important to know the why we even need them and how it can help business grow. The only way we can achieve and become successful , is by learning the key skills needed for the financial aspect of things.

The best thing we can do to convince investors is to demonstrate  traction.  For instance, You might thinking what does this mean? In other words , do you have paying customers. If you have traction,  we  must use it to create  a foundation for your growth goals and projections. However if you don’t, you will have to rely on some key  assumptions  when creating the financials . In a pitch it is important to rely on industry benchmarks .

Lets discuss about  SaaS model to demonstrate what this looks like. 

  • Average revenue  per customer  {$99}
  •  Monthly customer growth  15%
  • Monthly churn rate  10%
  • Average customer lifetime  24 months


In conclusion ,  we know Starting a blog can have risks, but no more than you can expect from any other business. However, with the right marketing strategy and focus we can make it through. I have clearly established many topics of pitch decks and throughout our journey of blogs.  I hope we can create even better blogs for business to recommend us  for the future. Remember we want business to invest right, so  that means keeping our introduction especially nice and sweet.


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